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Cattle Communications

Communication, Cows and Coffee

Provide vets with the tools to work as well with
people as they do with animals.

We believe that COMMUNICATION underpins this aspiration, have a strong affinity for vets working with COWS, and believe that COFFEE provides the key to a happy life.

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Who We Are

MacVet Cattle Communications was established in 2016 as a consultancy service for veterinary and animal health businesses.


Our director, Dr Fiona MacGillivray MRCVS, has over 25 years experience working in the industry, both in clinical practice and for leading global Animal Health companies in marketing and technical roles.

We have a strong network of contacts across the animal health industry, which allows us to collaborate and create meaningful and relevant content for our clients.

What we do

MacVet Cattle Communications provides a consultancy service for veterinary and animal health businesses. This includes creating technical copy, providing marketing support, and managing projects that might sit outside the routine marketing activities for a company.


We deliver non-clinical CPD to veterinary students and vets in practice who want to have more effective communication with clients. To achieve this, our content focuses on understanding people; the way we think, the way we speak and the way we use our body language. 


Our expertise lies in our knowledge of which key skills make you a more effective communicator, coupled with the experience we have applying these skills within veterinary practice.

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