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Welcome to MacVet Limited

MacVet supports the development of effective communication between vets and their clients. We do this through webinars, workshops, formal presentations, articles and published papers, our podcast, and coaching.

We work with vets and vet practices, the animal health industry and the agricultural sector.

The expertise we have comes from our research, experience and the application of proven methods and techniques from psychology, neuroscience and other social sciences.

coaching communication & change

 We understand that building communication skills requires practice, feedback and support, just as with any other kind of skill development. It is unrealistic to expect to develop proficiency with only one or two training sessions.

That’s why we offer one-to-one coaching for individuals who want to build their confidence, ability and experience using advanced communication skills, such as those used in Motivational Interviewing.

What you can expect from becoming a better communicator:

  • improved uptake of your professional advice

  • feel more confident about having difficult conversations

  • have a better understanding of the way people think and act

  • help clients make changes that will improve their animal’s health and welfare


Change is something we all experience in life. It may be driven by personal choice - I’m going to start doing more exercise - or external factors – you need to reduce your use of antibiotics.


People respond to change, and advice on how to make changes, in different ways. Advising a client to make changes to the management of their animal/s is a common part of veterinary work. Sometimes the client may resist making changes, which can lead to feelings of frustration when an identified issue does not therefore get resolved.

Becoming a more skilled communicator can help you recognise when unspoken concerns or issues need to be addressed, to avoid frustration and disappointment from both sides.

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The MacVet Podcast

Three core components of our work are communication (learning about and coaching), cows (working with farm vets and farmers) and coffee (drinking freshly ground espresso made with a Sage Barista machine).


We wanted to highlight the importance of communication in veterinary, farming, agriculture and other important areas such as fitness and coaching.

That's why we started the podcast, the show that talks about communication cows and coffee!

The podcast is available on all podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Check out the latest episode here.

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