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Training & coaching

We specialise in supporting vets to better understand what influences people's decisions around change and how communication plays a central role in this. 

Communication takes place through verbal and nonverbal channels; understanding and building skills in both areas can improve our ability to become more effective communicators. Our knowledge of verbal and nonverbal communication within veterinary practice places us in a strong position to support vets who wish to become more effective communicators.

We can deliver webinars, workshops and conference presentations on topics such as behaviour change, effective communication, and body language, all in the context of veterinary practice.

We also provide online and in-person training for individuals and veterinary practices in communication skills, with expertise in Motivational Interviewing and Nonverbal Communication.

Colorful Envelopes

‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for your presentation last week!

It was a great refresher for me with my previous knowledge and I know that my colleagues who were new to Motivational Interviewing appreciated it too.’ 

JO, mixed practice vet

Mastering Motivational Interviewing

As Professor David Main stated on The MacVet Podcast, Motivational Interviewing is an advanced form of applying communication skills! 

You can become more skilled and confident at using MI in your daily life in practice by attending this course of training and coaching sessions.

That's why we provide this more comprehensive training in MI.


  • 2 x 3-hour training sessions online or in-person, one month apart

  • practical sessions to apply the principles of MI to real-life situations

  • share experiences of using MI in practice with the group - positive and negative experiences all relevant!

1 to 1 communication skills coaching

Learning and building new skills can feel tough. It's normal to feel vulnerable in the process, particularly when it comes to communication. 

Since we first started training communication skills, we recognised the benefits of having support as a follow up from a single training session. That's why we offer one-to-one support so you can share your experiences, ask for feedback and reflect on your progress. Building skills requires practice, persistence and patience.

Find out if you'd benefit from coaching by booking a 30 minute Zoom call.

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