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Dr Fiona MacGillivray BVetMed MRes MRCVS

Fiona started her career working as a veterinarian in a mixed practice in the borders of Scotland. Later, moving around the UK, she continued clinical work in full time and locum positions. She really enjoyed meeting the people and clients at each new practice and seeing how different practices were run. However, she felt some frustration that not all clients would make the advised changes to improve their animal's health or engage in discussing those changes.

Looking for a new focus, Fiona moved into a technical services role with Merial Animal Health, supporting the ruminant portfolio and covering the UK and Ireland. She enjoyed the chance to work within a global company and to learn in depth about the products and diseases they were designed to treat. Wanting to develop a better understanding of consumer behaviour and product management, she took on a marketing role alongside her technical duties. 

With a growing desire to improve her marketing skills and knowledge, she moved to Elanco Animal Health as the Dairy Marketing Manager (UK). 

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